Thursday, November 26, 2009

M6 bmw break procedure to finished at 3100 miles / 5000 km

Moving parts need breaking in time to adjust to each other. To Ensure that your vehicle continues to provide optimized economy of operation throughout an extended service life, we request that you devote careful attention to the following section.

Do not use the driving programs 5 and 6,
refer to Drivelogic on page 57, during break in.

bmw m6 breaking program
New subsection of the break in period entitled "Engine and Differential"
Subsection:"Up to 1200 miles/2000 km"
Drive at changing engine and driving speeds, however do not exceedd 5500 rpm oor 105 mph.
Avoid full-throttle operation and use of the transmission's kick down mode during these initial miles.
Subsection: Froim 1200 to 3000 miles
The engine and driving speed can gradually be increased up to a continuous vehicle sped of 135 mph. Only drive a5t top speed briefly, eg. when passing.
Using P500 and P500S is OK if the above mentioned procedure is followed.

For Europe it states the same:
The rules to run in a brand new BMW M5 is the following:

  • <2000 km: not over 5500 rpm or over 170 km/h. No kick-down or engage the gas pedal fully.
  • Between 2000 and 5000 km: Gradually increase the revolutions and the speed, but not over 220 km/h. Do this only briefly, for example during overtaking. Do not use the modes D5, S5 and S6. Do not use Launch Control.

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