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CL65 vs evosport m6 BMW - race

i cannot believe it. I am MB fan but that M6 driver appears to be sleeping..

wow...M6 couldn't even keep up!

those CL65's are a freaking beast! Torque monsters for sure....


M6 bmw Cooler intake

White BMW m6 nice!!!

20" EXE Konkourse wheels.  SS crossover pipe, SS rear mufflers, K&N typhon, H&R springs all in the mail.

m6 4 m6 2

nice face lifted BMW M6 Convertible

just a BMW m6 opinion


BMW m6 perfect ride for men!

I absolutely love the machine. This is my very first BMW and all I can say is impressive. I took delivery 1 month ago. Black Sapphire, Indianapolis Red interior, Carbon Fiber trim, Head-up, HD Radio, Sat Radio, and comfort access. I just finished my 1,200 mile break in, had the service done, and this thing is like a rocket

2007 M6 Cab delivered BMW

First pictures don't do the color justice. She looked great in the sun when I picked her up but then the snow moved in. She already got snows mounted. 2007 M6 Cab delivered: 11/28/2006

2007 M6 Cab delivered BMW

  • Stratus Gray with Indy Red Full Merino Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Black Trim
  • Gray Convertible Top
  • Comfort Access
  • Heads-up Display
  • Badge removed
  • Ipod Interface
  • Clear Bra
  • Gaz Guzzler tax!!!

  2007 M6 Cab delivered BMW

The BMW 6-Series Verdict

M6 BMW verdict

The BMW 6-Series is a well-sorted, huge Coupe that does everything with typical BMW aplomb. But even its mother thinks its looks are ‘challenging’.


Score: 13 out of 20


Damn those pesky run-flat tires - they spoil the ride again, though the 6-series is a bit softer than most sport scars, leaving no doubt as to its GT status. We wouldn't say the back seats are cramped, but David Blaine begged to be let out after a couple of miles.

12 out of 20


Even the base six-pot 630i packs some punch (272bhp, 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and 155mph), so there's never much doubt as to whether the 6-series can cope with a heavy right foot. The 650i comes with a V8, 367bhp and 362lb ft, meaning that it'll crack the five and a half second mark for the sprint, and much more quickly to the usual 155mph limiter. There's also a diesel 635d for the cot conscious amongst you - and that's the real secret weapon - 0-62mph in just over six, the 155mph limiter AND 42mpg. We like.

17 out of 20


The drop-top is too flash, the Coupe a bit weird-looking. But there's something about a 635d in a dark colour... Yeah, that's cool.

8 out of 20


No worries here - the 6-Series has been around for about four years now, and it's never had any major issues. If you own a brick shithouse, worry about that falling apart first.

13 out of 20


The Six is again a superlative bit of chassis engineering from BMW - it really does shrink when you start to chuck it about. Rear-wheel drive and adjustable suspension help keep it neat and slick no matter how hard you push. Even the convertible is a treat.

15 out of 20


It's a big GT, but beware if you carry passengers. Seating up front is good, and there's a decent-sized boot at 450 liters (less 150 liters if you have the convertible), but even half the Krankies and one Heather Mills will trouble the space in the back.

12 out of 20

Running costs

This isn't a cheap car to run or buy. Group 18-20 insurance, heavy fuel and servicing and 35-percent tax liability mean that whichever way you cut it, a Six is a premium proposition. The 635d is the only reasonable way into real-world 6-Series ownership; 42.2mpg and lower insurance help a lot.

Score: 13 out of 20

BMW m6 review tuning

Of all the cars styled under the supervision of Chris Bangle, now the director of BMW Group design, this high-performance variation on the 6 Series coupe is the standout. Befitting the car’s ferocious 500-horsepower V-10 engine, the M6 has an aggressive appearance that is hulking but handsome.


if you put the M6 on a country road with challenging curves, its all-conquering ultra-performance character starts to make sense. The seats have supportive bolsters and the dashboard layout is straightforward. The car sticks to the road like tar and quickly exceeds legal speeds. Taking curves at three times the numbers posted on warning signs poses so little challenge you quickly lose interest in the exercise.

While you are dashing about, be sure you don’t stray far from a gas station. While the car carries a federal rating of 12 m.p.g. in town and 18 on the highway (and a gas guzzler tax of $3,000), this leadfoot’s mileage never topped 9.2 m.p.g. On premium.

Without question, the M6 is a high-speed luxury touring machine that will gobble up extreme distances with no fuss. And if BMW would only make it with either a six-speed manual gearbox or a conventional automatic, I’d say the car was worth every penny of its sticker, as was the delightful $82,440 650i coupe I drove later with a six-speed manual.

As it stands, the M6 is a brilliant exercise in chassis and engine design and an eye-catching demonstration of how striking BMW styling can be. But if you want to shift effortlessly, tune your radio or take a cup of coffee with you without having to think twice, there are cars costing a quarter as much that do a far better job.

BMW M6 vs Ferrari F430 F1 from 50 km/h to 250 km/h


F1 from 50 km/h to 250 km/h. First run the BMW M6 started in P400 mode which is 400 HP... Next race is with P500 and you can hear the wheels chirp on second and third gear. Speeds are up to and over 250 km/h.

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BMW M6 vs Kleeman E55 AMG K4


The Mercedes may be an E 500. So much rubbish... Even a STANDARD E 55 is faster than a standard M5 or M6. The rest is history...

Curious, in every single video from the "board" I see the Mercedes is always chiptunned or has some kind of advantage over the BMW, but the BMW always wins! How curious is that?!
The E 55 has nothing to prove, unlike BMW's, by the looks of things...

BMW M6 vs BMW M6 from 50 km/h to 250 km/h

BMW M6 vs BMW M6 TUNING from 50 km/h to 250 km/h. Rolling start from 50 km/h with 100% throttle to 250 km/h.

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BMW M6 vs Ruf 911 Turbo R (993 based), base car is Porsche

BMW M6 TUNed vs Ruf 911 Turbo R (993 based), base car is Porsche. This time the BMW M6 is crossing swords with a real extreme beast, the highly tuned Porsche 911 Turbo based Ruf Turbo R (993) that has in excess of 490 HP and 650 Nm of torque. Weight is under 1500 kg. The Ruf Turbo R was built at the most premiere Porsche tuner there is, Ruf Automobile in Pfaffenhausen, Germany. With a top speed of 329 km/h and a 0-200 km/h time of 11,8 it is faster than the Lamborghini Murcieolago LP640... Races are from 50 km/h and up to over 250 km/h.

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BMW M6 vs Lamborghini Gallardo

Obviously people haven't watched enough races of the m6 vs the gallardo. The m6 wins every time due to the superior gearing for higher speeds, despite the heavier weight.

however some kind things that The driver failed, not the Lambo. It's rubbish like this that gives M6 drivers wet dreams. Even with less less HP the power to weight ratio alone gives the Lambo a significant advantage.
By all accounts that Lambo should have eaten the Tuned BMW M6 alive, standing or rolling start notwithstanding.

the BMW M6 runway test drive


It really starts to bugs me of how everyone is banging on about "M5 is 20k cheaper blah blah blah". It's not just about value for money. I got the M5 and just p/xed for an M6. Wish I had not listened to these shit reviews and went for the M6 to begin with. THAT would have saved me money. M6 feels a lot different from the M5 externally and while driving. Stop banging on about the "m5 is more of a car for less" let the readers make that decision.

Some M6 BMW history.

The announcement of a new M car remains a rare and exciting occasion, and the launch of the new M6 in 2005 will reveal a potent new combination of BMW engineering and M power.
Hot on the heels of the new M5, and taking lightweight design solutions from the M3 CSL, the new M6 combines supercar presence with Grand Touring potential. Joining an exclusive club, the fourth new M car of the decade sets a new performance benchmark for a production car. The beauty of the M6 is also its ability to comfortably crush kilometers on a cross-country cruise.

The BMW M6 is the new standard-bearer for BMW’s M car range, as well as the return of a much loved and highly regarded BMW badge. The latest M car features:

* 5.0-litre V10 engine producing 507bhp
* Seven-speed SMG (personally programmable)
* Lightweight body panels including carbon fibre roof
* 0 – 62mph in 4.6 seconds / 62 – 0 in 36 metres
* 155mph limited top speed
* MDrive Manager control settings

Like its predecessor - the legendary 1985 M635CSi – the new M6 resets the sports GT benchmark, with supercar performance, dispatching the zero to 62mph sprint in 4.6 seconds and achieving a limited top speed of 155mph. If derestricted, the M6 would be capable of a 200mph+ top speed. During tests at the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, the new M6 regularly clocked eight minutes lap times. These rarefied performance statistics are, however, backed up by ‘real world’ economy and efficiency - the new M6 delivers a combined EU fuel consumption of 19.0mpg and a CO2 rating of 357g/km.

Powered by the same 4,999cc engine that set new standards in the M5, the 507bhp power output ensures that the new M6 maintains the M car tradition of breaking the 100bhp per liter benchmark. Peak power is developed at 7,750rpm with the red line set at 8,250rpm. Peak torque of 520Nm is developed at 6,100rpm of which 450Nm is available from just 3,500rpm. The 90-degree V10 aluminum-silicon alloy engine block is extremely light yet robust and is the first V-arrangement engine to use a bedplate construction. The aluminum bedplate with cast-iron inlays ensures the engine’s rigidity throughout the rev range, but the complete unit still weighs just 240kg.

The capable chassis of the new M6 permits lateral acceleration in excess of 1g. To cope with such forces, the V10 engine features a lateral force-controlled oil supply that, from 0.6g of lateral movement, activates one of two electronic oil pumps to draw oil from the cylinder head and delivers it back into the sump to ensure perfect lubrication even in the most extreme situations. It is because of the extreme forces that can be induced by the M6 that the car also makes use of a semi dry sump lubrication system with an oil reservoir on each side of the front sub frame.

Masterminding all the M6’s engine electronics is one of the most advanced engine control systems ever developed. The MS S65 control unit coordinates all engine functions using three 32-bit processors that handle more than 200 million operations per second from over 50 incoming signals. Each of the 10 cylinders has its own throttle butterfly, with its position being monitored 200 times per second. Reacting to changes in throttle position, the butterfly can move from closed to fully open in a mere 120 milliseconds (approximately three times faster than the blink of an eye).

Like the M5, the new M6 also uses BMW’s new third-generation seven speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) with Drivelogic. Drivelogic offers the choice of 11 different change patterns, depending on the speed of change required. Six change patterns are available in the manual mode and five in the ‘automatic’ mode, in which the gearbox will automatically select the most appropriate gear depending on driving conditions.
The new SMG gearbox also offers safety benefits when downshifting on slippery surfaces. If it detects the rear wheels locking up, the clutch opens for a fraction of a second to ensure traction is maintained. Hill Detection is another SMG feature. In automatic mode, the SMG gearbox recognizes that the car is travelling on an incline and holds gears uphill to maintain acceleration and selects lower gears when progressing downhill to make the most of the available engine braking.

The suspension of the new M6 is based on the ‘standard’ 645Ci geometry. With the exception of components such as tie bars, wheel mounts and bearings, the double-arm spring strut front axle is made completely of aluminum. The U-shaped front sub frame houses the rack and pinion steering assembly, anti-roll bar and track control arms.

The Integral IV rear axle assembly is also made from aluminum to reduce unstrung masses. In addition, the new M6 features BMW’s variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock. Featured on all current BMW M models, the M Differential Lock builds up locking action whenever one of the rear wheels begins to spin, channelling drive to the wheel with the most grip to improve handling and stability.

Electronic Damper Control is also standard on the M6. Offering the driver three suspension settings – Comfort, Normal and Sport, drivers can select the most appropriate setting for their driving style or road conditions. The new BMW M6 also features a BMW M version of Servotronic steering with two specific settings corresponding to the Electronic Damper Control settings, Sport or Comfort.

BMW’s DSC stability control system has been adapted for the M6. Featuring M Dynamic Mode (first seen on the new M5), drivers can take their cars to the limit of the laws of physics, allowing considerable angles of controllable oversteer when circumstances allow.

The new BMW M6 comes with a Power button (pioneered in the M5) in the centre console. Initially the car pre-selects the P400 setting, delivering 400bhp for town or city driving, for example. Engaging the Power button modifies the response of the throttle and enables the P500 setting to deliver the full 507bhp generated by the V10 engine.

Control of all of these features has been brought together using the M6’s MDrive Manager. MDrive allows the driver to pre-select specific settings for the Power button, SMG gearbox, DSC, EDC and Head-up Display. With one push of the steering wheel-mounted button, the driver selects his or her chosen character. For example, the car can be set up for an exciting 30 mile A-road drive to and from work or, on the other hand, for a city commute. More extreme settings can be pre-programmed for track use.

For a car with such potential, high performance brakes are needed and the new BMW M6 doesn’t disappoint. Using aluminum double piston calipers and cross-drilled disc brakes, the car can stop from 62mph in just 36 meters and from 124mph (200km/h) in only 140 meters – equivalent to 1.3g deceleration.

Specially developed tires ensure that the prodigious horsepower and braking power are transferred to the road. Measuring 255/40ZR19 on the front and 285/35ZR19 on the rear, the tires are mounted on lightweight five-spoke 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, each weighing 1.8kg less than a normal cast alloy wheel.
Like other 6 Series models, the new BMW M6 uses a hybrid construction of aluminum, thermoplastics and SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). This mixture of materials delivers an extremely rigid, yet light, body structure. The front wings are made of thermoplastics, the doors and bonnet of aluminum and the boot lid, SMC. Like the legendary M3 CSL, but unlike the 630i and 645Ci, the new BMW M6 also uses carbon fiber in the construction of the roof panel to reduce the weight yet further – this feature alone saves nearly 5kg and contributes towards the overall weight of just 1710kg.

Visually, the new M6 differentiates itself from the 6 Series by a deeper front valance with air intakes for the engine and brakes, more contoured sills and rear valance that includes a diffuser to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Nestling under the rear valance are BMW M’s telltale four rear exhaust pipes. To complement the changes in body styling, the new M6 is available in four exclusive M colors – Indianapolis Red, Sepang Bronze, Interleague Blue and Silverstone alongside three other 6 Series colors.

Inside, the new M6 comes with fully adjustable M sports seats that include lumbar support and an adjustable backrest width as standard. They are covered in extended Merino leather, with the owner able to choose between Black, Silverstone or Sepang. As an option, full Merino leather can be specified in Indianapolis Red and Portland Natural Brown alongside the other three colors that includes a leather covered dashboard and Alcantara headlining.

The new BMW M6 also features BMW M’s version of the new Head-up Display system. Unlike the standard Head-up Display available on 5 and 6 Series models that offers navigation instructions and cruise control information, the system on the M6 projects driver-focused information such as engine speed, gear selected and road speed directly into the driver’s view, obviating the need for the driver to take his or her eyes off the road ahead.

The new M6 will go on sale towards the end of 2005. Dates and prices will be announced in due course.
Sources: BMW AG


well she knew that nothing could happen. BMW M6 TUNedCar is out of control, there was no way to catch it so why fight it. If you loose control on a racetrack professionals always get the hands off the wheel to prevent injures just btw.

M6 bmw break procedure to finished at 3100 miles / 5000 km

Moving parts need breaking in time to adjust to each other. To Ensure that your vehicle continues to provide optimized economy of operation throughout an extended service life, we request that you devote careful attention to the following section.

Do not use the driving programs 5 and 6,
refer to Drivelogic on page 57, during break in.

bmw m6 breaking program
New subsection of the break in period entitled "Engine and Differential"
Subsection:"Up to 1200 miles/2000 km"
Drive at changing engine and driving speeds, however do not exceedd 5500 rpm oor 105 mph.
Avoid full-throttle operation and use of the transmission's kick down mode during these initial miles.
Subsection: Froim 1200 to 3000 miles
The engine and driving speed can gradually be increased up to a continuous vehicle sped of 135 mph. Only drive a5t top speed briefly, eg. when passing.
Using P500 and P500S is OK if the above mentioned procedure is followed.

For Europe it states the same:
The rules to run in a brand new BMW M5 is the following:

  • <2000 km: not over 5500 rpm or over 170 km/h. No kick-down or engage the gas pedal fully.
  • Between 2000 and 5000 km: Gradually increase the revolutions and the speed, but not over 220 km/h. Do this only briefly, for example during overtaking. Do not use the modes D5, S5 and S6. Do not use Launch Control.

WOW - bmw m5 e60 hamann vs bmw m6 tuning

bmw m5 e60 hamann vs BMW M6 TUNING ac schnizer

I've grown rather partial to these m6 bmw tuning

bmw e63 m6 tuning

They are beautiful, and well made. I have a set in stock 19inch but .5inch wider in front, 1.0inch wider in rear. Would have stayed 0.5inch wider in front and rear for better tire fitment. Otherwise, the two color finish (black power coat, with machined face, extra $560), otherwise perfect.

M6 with 21" HRE BMW

Just wanted to share you with my friends car with 21" HRE's. Let me know what you guys think aboutBMW M6 TUNING.

M6 with 21" HRE BMW

SHARP!!! Very sharp!

2006 bmw m6 e63 rims

Helping to this guy!

Please guys i have been looking for this carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler for the longest time and I cant find it anywhere. I don't even know the name of this spoiler so IF ANYONE can please guide me in the right direction to find it and buy it I would appreciate it so much.

I'm going to attach a picture of the spoiler I am looking for. This is going to be for my 2006 BMW M6 TUNING Coupe.
I also need some 22 inch 3 piece wheels for my M6 also if anyone has some good condition ones for sale. Please PM me pictures, pricing and your prices along with your contact number so I can reach you.
Thank you all so much for the help as I am new to this forum and hope to contribute in the near future.


this spoiler is from RD sport. The beauty on the picture belongs to member VicM5,maybe he can tell where exactly to buy this piece of art. And about the rims.. I wouldn't put on 22" rims. That's way too much for me and for the car. 21" is the best size