Thursday, November 26, 2009

2006 bmw m6 e63 rims

Helping to this guy!

Please guys i have been looking for this carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler for the longest time and I cant find it anywhere. I don't even know the name of this spoiler so IF ANYONE can please guide me in the right direction to find it and buy it I would appreciate it so much.

I'm going to attach a picture of the spoiler I am looking for. This is going to be for my 2006 BMW M6 TUNING Coupe.
I also need some 22 inch 3 piece wheels for my M6 also if anyone has some good condition ones for sale. Please PM me pictures, pricing and your prices along with your contact number so I can reach you.
Thank you all so much for the help as I am new to this forum and hope to contribute in the near future.


this spoiler is from RD sport. The beauty on the picture belongs to member VicM5,maybe he can tell where exactly to buy this piece of art. And about the rims.. I wouldn't put on 22" rims. That's way too much for me and for the car. 21" is the best size

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