Thursday, November 26, 2009

The BMW 6-Series Verdict

M6 BMW verdict

The BMW 6-Series is a well-sorted, huge Coupe that does everything with typical BMW aplomb. But even its mother thinks its looks are ‘challenging’.


Score: 13 out of 20


Damn those pesky run-flat tires - they spoil the ride again, though the 6-series is a bit softer than most sport scars, leaving no doubt as to its GT status. We wouldn't say the back seats are cramped, but David Blaine begged to be let out after a couple of miles.

12 out of 20


Even the base six-pot 630i packs some punch (272bhp, 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and 155mph), so there's never much doubt as to whether the 6-series can cope with a heavy right foot. The 650i comes with a V8, 367bhp and 362lb ft, meaning that it'll crack the five and a half second mark for the sprint, and much more quickly to the usual 155mph limiter. There's also a diesel 635d for the cot conscious amongst you - and that's the real secret weapon - 0-62mph in just over six, the 155mph limiter AND 42mpg. We like.

17 out of 20


The drop-top is too flash, the Coupe a bit weird-looking. But there's something about a 635d in a dark colour... Yeah, that's cool.

8 out of 20


No worries here - the 6-Series has been around for about four years now, and it's never had any major issues. If you own a brick shithouse, worry about that falling apart first.

13 out of 20


The Six is again a superlative bit of chassis engineering from BMW - it really does shrink when you start to chuck it about. Rear-wheel drive and adjustable suspension help keep it neat and slick no matter how hard you push. Even the convertible is a treat.

15 out of 20


It's a big GT, but beware if you carry passengers. Seating up front is good, and there's a decent-sized boot at 450 liters (less 150 liters if you have the convertible), but even half the Krankies and one Heather Mills will trouble the space in the back.

12 out of 20

Running costs

This isn't a cheap car to run or buy. Group 18-20 insurance, heavy fuel and servicing and 35-percent tax liability mean that whichever way you cut it, a Six is a premium proposition. The 635d is the only reasonable way into real-world 6-Series ownership; 42.2mpg and lower insurance help a lot.

Score: 13 out of 20

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